Name Institution Role within CanHepC Area of research
Yasseen, Abdool Shafaaz Public Health Agency of Canada Trainee - Alumni Vaccine safety and adverse events following immunization surveillance
Palayew, Adam University of Washington Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Marshall, Alison The Kirby Institute Trainee - Alumni
Hyrina, Anastasia Gilead Trainee - Alumni As part of Discovery Virology group support internal research efforts to identify therapeutics for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D infections
Olmstead, Andrea University of British Columbia Trainee - Alumni Virus, Viral Infection, Molecular Virology, PCR, Infection, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Flaviviruses, Coronaviruses, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Antivirals, Antibodies, Epidemiology, Sequencing
Artenie, Andreea Adelina University of Bristol Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Mendlowitz, Andrew University Health Network Trainee – Postdoc, Trainee – Student representative, Trainee - Alumni Health Economics, Epidemiology, and Population Health
Bernier, Annie CellCarta Trainee - Alumni
Kulkarni, Anupriya Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. Trainee - Alumni
Godin, Arnaud McGill University Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Erman, Aysegul Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI) University Health Network Trainee - Alumni
Jacka, Brendan Brown University Trainee - Alumni
Rossi, Carmine Analysis Group Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology, Incidence, Cohort Studies, Observational Studies, Clinical Epidemiology
Perciani, Catia Gilead Trainee - Alumni Liver Immunology
Colpitts, Che* Queen’s University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Molecular virology
Okwor, Chisom University of Ottawa Trainee - Alumni Chronic HCV infections. NK cell and T cell immune recovery. Chronic HCV induced Hepatocellular carcinoma
Ablenas, Christopher Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Fortier, Emmanuel University of Ottawa Trainee - Alumni
Cunningham, Evan The Kirby Institute, UNSW Trainee - Alumni
Ahmed, Faria McGill University Trainee - Alumni
Marathe, Gayatri McGill University Trainee – PhD, Trainee - Alumni HIV-HCV co-infection; Major depression; Depressive symptoms; HCV treatment initiation
Kolla, Gillian University of Victoria Trainee - Alumni Harm reduction, Substance use, Social Sciences
Fontaine*, Guillaume McGill University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Implementation Science; Knowledge Translation; Clinical Epidemiology
Wallace, Hannah Memorial University Trainee - Alumni Virology: HCV-induced Pyroptosis
Kofahi, Hassan Jordan University of Science and Technology Trainee - Alumni
Grebely, Jason * University of New South Wales Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology, Substance misuse, models of care
Bamvita, Jean-Marie Hôpital Douglas Trainee - Alumni
Casey, Julia Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Liu, Julia Dalhousie University / Taipei Medical University Trainee - Alumni Virology; Oncolytic virotherapy; Antivirals
Chan, Justin Bellevue Hospital Center Trainee - Alumni
Liu, Lewis University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni
Depla, Marion Dynacure Trainee - Alumni
Darvishian, Maryam BC Cancer Research Centre Trainee - Alumni
Ehteshami, Maryam Emory University Trainee - Alumni
Rheault, Marylin McGill University Trainee - Alumni Host-viral interactions in the Hepatitis C Virus life cycle
Boisvert, Maude CellCarta Trainee - Alumni
Powdrill, Megan Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Abdelnabi, Mohamed CRCHUM Trainee - Alumni
Abdel Hakeem, Mohamed* Emory University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Immunology
Armstrong, Murira ViiV Healthcare Trainee - Alumni
Minoyan, Nanor Centre de Recherche du CHUM Trainee - Alumni
Moqueet, Nasheed Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Trainee - Alumni
Taylor, Nathan Dalhousie University Trainee - Alumni
Nasheri, Neda Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
van Buuren, Nicholas Gilead Trainee - Alumni
Singaravelu, Ragunath Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Trainee - Alumni
Kunden, Rasika Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School Trainee - Alumni Virology
Mazouz, Sabrina Centre de recherche du CHUM Trainee - Alumni
Saeed*, Sahar Queen's University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Areas of research: HIV/HCV Coinfection, Access to Care, Social Determinants of Health
Sagan, Selena * The University of British Columbia Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Research Interests: Molecular virology, RNA biology, hepatitis C virus, microRNAs, miR-122, Zika virus, dengue virus, RNA structure. Research Focus Teams: COVID
MacParland, Sonya* University of Toronto Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Immunology, Nano medicine
Cousineau, Sophie McGill University Trainee - Alumni
Fabre, Thomas Pfizer Trainee - Alumni
Meier-Stephenson, Vanessa University of Alberta Trainee - Alumni Infectious Diseases
Amador-Cañizares, Yalena ZYUS Trainee - Alumni Molecular Biology | Virology
Saeed, Yasmin Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni Health economics, health utilities