Name Institution Role within CanHepC Area of research
Yasseen, Abdool Shafaaz University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni
Palayew, Adam University of Washington Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Marshall, Alison The Kirby Institute Trainee - Alumni
Hyrina, Anastasia Gilead Trainee - Alumni As part of Discovery Virology group support internal research efforts to identify therapeutics for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D infections
Olmstead, Andrea University of British Columbia Trainee - Alumni Virus, Viral Infection, Molecular Virology, PCR, Infection, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Flaviviruses, Coronaviruses, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Antivirals, Antibodies, Epidemiology, Sequencing
Artenie, Andreea Adelina University of Bristol Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Mendlowitz, Andrew University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni Andrew’s research interests are focused on methodologies relating to economic evaluations, decision analytical modelling and health technology assessment. For his thesis, Andrew is working in partnership with First Nations community organizations to estimate the health and economic impacts of hepatitis C infection among First Nations populations in Ontario. His work is focused on generating evidence to inform economic evaluations of novel hepatitis C screening and treatment approaches. His research will be useful for the creation of policy and community action to combat hepatitis C infection.
Bernier, Annie CellCarta Trainee - Alumni
Kulkarni, Anupriya Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. Trainee - Alumni
Godin, Arnaud McGill University Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology
Erman, Aysegul Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI) University Health Network Trainee - Alumni
Jacka, Brendan Brown University Trainee - Alumni
Rossi, Carmine Analysis Group Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology, Incidence, Cohort Studies, Observational Studies, Clinical Epidemiology
Perciani, Catia Gilead Trainee - Alumni Liver Immunology
Colpitts, Che* Queen’s University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Molecular virology
Okwor, Chisom University of Ottawa Trainee - Alumni Chronic HCV infections. NK cell and T cell immune recovery. Chronic HCV induced Hepatocellular carcinoma
Ablenas, Christopher Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Fortier, Emmanuel University of Ottawa Trainee - Alumni
Cunningham, Evan The Kirby Institute, UNSW Trainee - Alumni
Ahmed, Faria McGill University Trainee - Alumni
Kolla, Gillian University of Victoria Trainee - Alumni Harm reduction, Substance use, Social Sciences
Kofahi, Hassan Jordan University of Science and Technology Trainee - Alumni
Grebely, Jason * University of New South Wales Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Epidemiology, Substance misuse, models of care
Bamvita, Jean-Marie Hôpital Douglas Trainee - Alumni
Casey, Julia Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Liu, Julia Dalhousie University / Taipei Medical University Trainee - Alumni Virology; Oncolytic virotherapy; Antivirals
Chan, Justin Bellevue Hospital Center Trainee - Alumni
Liu, Lewis University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni
Depla, Marion Dynacure Trainee - Alumni
Darvishian, Maryam BC Cancer Research Centre Trainee - Alumni
Ehteshami, Maryam Emory University Trainee - Alumni
Boisvert, Maude CellCarta Trainee - Alumni
Powdrill, Megan Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
Abdel Hakeem, Mohamed Emory University Trainee - Alumni Immunology
Armstrong, Murira ViiV Healthcare Trainee - Alumni
Minoyan, Nanor Centre de Recherche du CHUM Trainee - Alumni
Moqueet, Nasheed Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Trainee - Alumni
Taylor, Nathan Dalhousie University Trainee - Alumni
Nasheri, Neda Health Canada-Santé Canada Trainee - Alumni
van Buuren, Nicholas Gilead Trainee - Alumni
Singaravelu, Ragunath Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Trainee - Alumni
Kunden, Rasika Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School Trainee - Alumni Virology
Mazouz, Sabrina Centre de recherche du CHUM Trainee - Alumni
Saeed, Sahar Washington University Trainee - Alumni
Sagan, Selena * McGill University Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Virology
MacParland*, Sonya University of Toronto Co-Investigators, Trainee - Alumni Immunology, Nano medicine
Cousineau, Sophie McGill University Trainee - Alumni
Fabre, Thomas Pfizer Trainee - Alumni
Meier-Stephenson, Vanessa University of Alberta Trainee - Alumni Infectious Diseases
Amador-Cañizares, Yalena ZYUS Trainee - Alumni Molecular Biology | Virology
Saeed, Yasmin Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni Health economics, health utilities