Upcoming events

October 1-5, 2023

29th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus, Flaviviruses and Related Viruses (HCV-Flavi 2023)

October 17-20, 2023

International Conference on Health and Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU 2023)

November 10-14, 2023

The Liver Meeting (AASLD 2023)

November 22, 2023

INHSU Hepatitis C Intervention Symposia: Vancouver

This symposium is hosted adjacent to the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addictions Issues of Substance Conference. This symposium is open to both Issues of Substance delegates and non-delegates.

March 1, 2024

13th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus (CSHCV part of CDDW-CLM 2024)