University of Toronto/ University Health Network
Hepatitis induced hepatocellular carcinoma
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H.BSc - University of Toronto (2018)

Graduate Student - University of Toronto, Department of Immunology (2018 – Present)

My project focuses on characterizing the immune landscape of the human liver in the context of hepatitis induced hepatocellular carcinoma. In particular, we are studying the interplay between macrophages and T cells and how they shape the tumor microenvironment to control tumor fate. Using single-cell sequencing, we hope to generate a transcriptional map of immune populations for the healthy and diseased state. By doing so, we can look at the cellular differences between these two states and target these differences with nanoparticle therapy.

We are using the pre-clinical woodchuck hepatitis model as a method to assess the efficacy of our nanoparticle therapy. Woodchucks are naturally infected by the woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV) and develop HCC on an intact immunological background. This allows us to study the interplay between the virus, cancer and immune response in the presence of therapy.