Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge
Basic Science Discovery
Biophysical studies/Molecular virology

Dr. Meier-Stephenson completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry at Mount Allison University, after which she went on to complete her PhD in Computational/Medicinal Chemistry working in a drug discovery group at Dalhousie University.  Following this, she decided to pursue medicine, also at Dalhousie University. Continually drawn to the field of infectious diseases, she moved west to complete her fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of Calgary.  Throughout her medical training, she sought various computational/drug design projects, but it wasn't until she decided to pursue dedicated postdoctoral work that she could truly delve into the depths of basic science work she aspired to do.  

Currently, she is working as a locum infectious diseases physician while pursuing postdoctoral studies in virology.  Her work focusses on the complex interactions between viral RNA/DNA and their hijacked host proteins with a focus on HCV and HBV. Through the rigorous study of these interactions at the molecular level, she hopes to gain better understanding of the downstream processes directed by these interactions, including carcinogenesis and hepatosteatosis, that may ultimately lead to the rational design of inhibitors.


  • Dr. Carla Coffin - clinician scientist/hepatologist at the University of Calgary, and
  • Dr. Trushar Patel - molecular biophysicist at the University of Lethbridge