CanHepC is governed by an integrated and interactive structure of committees, working groups, and platform teams which oversee the implementation of the network.
















The CanHepC General Assembly

The CanHepC General Assembly is comprised of all members of the Network, including researchers, student trainees, knowledge-users, collaborators, and partners. For a complete list of all the CanHepC members and contacts details please refer to the directory in the Member’s page.

Steering Committee

The CanHepC Steering Committee is composed of CanHepC's Nominated Principal Investigator, the Principal Investigators and the Principal Knowledge User, each leading a research area/theme or cross-cutting platform. As the main governing body of the network, the Steering Committee is responsible for operational decision-making and overall administration over a wide range of scientific and management issues.

  • Jordan Feld, Nominated Principal Investigator and CanHepC co-Director
  • Naveed Zafar Janjua, Principal Investigator and CanHepC co-Director, Lead Research Area 1 (Theme 2)
  • Julie Bruneau, Principal Investigator, Lead Research Area 1 (Theme 1.1)
  • Curtis Cooper, Principal Investigator, Lead Research Area 2
  • Melisa Dickie, Principal Knowledge User, Knowledge Translation and exchange
  • Jeremy Grimshaw, Principal Investigator, Lead Research Area 1 (Theme 3)
  • Alexandra King, Principal Investigator, Lead Indigenous platform & co-lead EDI platform
  • Joyce Wilson, Principal Investigator, co-Lead Training, Education, and Mentorship Program 
  • Nadine Kronfli, Principal Investigator, co-Lead Training, Education, and Mentorship Program

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for facilitating inter-disciplinary interactions and integration between the research areas, their themes and the cross-cutting platforms. The Scientific Committee includes the leads (members of the Steering Committee listed above) and the co-leads of the research areas/themes and cross-cutting platforms. The leads and co-leads are responsible for moving priorities and projects forward in their research area, theme or cross-cutting platform.

Finance Committee

The aim of the Finance Committee is to monitor network finances and approve resources allocation to meet the specific objectives of the network as well as provide to support to fundraising activities.

Additionnal members of the Finance Committee (2021-26) are currently being confirmed.

Central Management (Secretariat)

CanHepC’s Central Management (or Secretariat) is responsible for the overall management of the network, ensuring efficient communication across areas, supporting the development of the proposed research and training activities, and monitoring the progress of each objective. 

International Advisory Board 

An International Advisory Board composed of world-class scientific and knowledge translation experts in areas related to the network’s activities and objectives will review, provide advice and assess the progress and direction of the Network.

*CanHepC also has an Education Committee chaired by the Training, Education and Mentorship program co-Leads which ensures the selection of new trainees and overall achievement of the training curriculum.