Name Institution Role within CanHepC Area of research
Artenie, Andreea Adelina University of Bristol Trainee – Postdoc
Mendlowitz, Andrew University of Toronto Trainee – PhD
Perciani, Catia University Health Network Trainee – Postdoc Liver Immunology
Lanièce, Charlotte McGill University Trainee – PhD, Trainee – Student representative HCV-HIV coinfection, HCV elimination, Mathematical modeling, Impact evaluation, HCV treatment
Okwor, Chisom University of Ottawa Trainee – MSc Chronic HCV infections. NK cell and T cell immune recovery. Chronic HCV induced Hepatocellular carcinoma
Jeong, Dahn University of British Columbia Trainee – PhD HCV treatment impact on extrahepatic manifestations; ethnic disparities
Cunningham, Evan The Kirby Institute, UNSW Trainee – Postdoc, Trainee – Student representative
Marathe, Gayatri McGill University Trainee – PhD HIV-HCV co-infection; Major depression; Depressive symptoms; HCV treatment initiation
Kolla, Gillian University of Victoria Trainee – Postdoc Harm reduction, Substance use, Social Sciences
Wallace, Hannah Memorial University Trainee – PhD Virology: HCV-induced Pyroptosis
Liu, Julia Dalhousie University / Taipei Medical University Trainee – PhD Virology; Oncolytic virotherapy; Antivirals
Rheault, Marylin McGill University Trainee – MSc Host-viral interactions in the Hepatitis C Virus life cycle
Palmer, Michael University of Saskatchewan Trainee – PhD Interactions between HCV and host RNAs and proteins
Abdelnabi, Mohamed CRCHUM Trainee – PhD
Minoyan, Nanor Centre de Recherche du CHUM Trainee – PhD
Kunden, Rasika University of Saskatchewan Trainee – PhD Virology
Mazouz, Sabrina Centre de recherche du CHUM Trainee – PhD
D'souza, Simmone University of Calgary Trainee – MSc HBV/HCV Co-infection
Saeed, Yasmin Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Trainee – PhD Health economics, health utilities
Greenwald, Zoe University of Toronto Trainee – PhD Epidemiology and population health.