Name Institution Role within CanHepC Area of research
Passos-Castilho, Ana Maria McGill University Trainee – Postdoc Epidemiology and Population Health
Artenie, Andreea Adelina University of Bristol Trainee - Alumni
Mendlowitz, Andrew University of Toronto Trainee - Alumni Andrew’s research interests are focused on methodologies relating to economic evaluations, decision analytical modelling and health technology assessment. For his thesis, Andrew is working in partnership with First Nations community organizations to estimate the health and economic impacts of hepatitis C infection among First Nations populations in Ontario. His work is focused on generating evidence to inform economic evaluations of novel hepatitis C screening and treatment approaches. His research will be useful for the creation of policy and community action to combat hepatitis C infection.
Perciani, Catia University Health Network Trainee - Alumni Liver Immunology
Lanièce, Charlotte McGill University Trainee – PhD HCV-HIV coinfection, HCV elimination, Mathematical modeling, Impact evaluation, HCV treatment
Okwor, Chisom University of Ottawa Trainee - Alumni Chronic HCV infections. NK cell and T cell immune recovery. Chronic HCV induced Hepatocellular carcinoma
Jeong, Dahn University of British Columbia Trainee – PhD HCV treatment impact on extrahepatic manifestations; ethnic disparities
Cunningham, Evan The Kirby Institute, UNSW Trainee - Alumni
Marathe, Gayatri McGill University Trainee – PhD HIV-HCV co-infection; Major depression; Depressive symptoms; HCV treatment initiation
Kolla, Gillian University of Victoria Trainee – Postdoc Harm reduction, Substance use, Social Sciences
Fontaine, Guillaume Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Trainee – Postdoc Implementation Science; Knowledge Translation; Clinical Epidemiology
Wallace, Hannah Memorial University Trainee – PhD Virology: HCV-induced Pyroptosis
Atif, Jawaria University of Toronto Trainee – PhD
Makuza, Jean Damscene University of British Columbia Trainee – PhD Epidemiology of HBV and its co-infection with HCV and/or HIV
Liu, Jeff Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) Trainee – PhD
Liu, Julia Dalhousie University / Taipei Medical University Trainee – PhD Virology; Oncolytic virotherapy; Antivirals
Rheault, Marylin McGill University Trainee – MSc, Trainee – Student representative Host-viral interactions in the Hepatitis C Virus life cycle
Palmer, Michael University of Saskatchewan Trainee – PhD Interactions between HCV and host RNAs and proteins
Sag, Michelle McGill University Trainee – MSc Host-viral interactions investigating the mechanism of HCV translation to replication
Abdelnabi, Mohamed CRCHUM Trainee – PhD
Shengir, Mohamed McGill University Trainee – PhD HCV, HIV, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis, non-invasive diagnostic tools in liver disease, biomarkers
Minoyan, Nanor Centre de Recherche du CHUM Trainee - Alumni
Kunden, Rasika University of Saskatchewan Trainee - Alumni Virology
Mazouz, Sabrina Centre de recherche du CHUM Trainee – PhD
Gobran, Samaa Centre de recherche du CHUM Trainee – PhD HCV/HIV co-infection
Mortazhejri, Sameh University of Ottawa Trainee – PhD
Udhesister, Sasha crchum Trainee – PhD
D'souza, Simmone University of Calgary Trainee – MSc, Trainee – Student representative HBV/HCV Co-infection
Saeed, Yasmin Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Trainee – PhD Health economics, health utilities
Greenwald, Zoe University of Toronto Trainee – PhD Epidemiology and population health.