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Stine completed a PhD in Spatial Epidemiology at the University of South Australia in 2016, under the supervision of Professor Mark Daniel and Dr Catherine Paquet. Her research interests center broadly upon understanding how structural and environmental forces shape human behaviour, opportunity, and health, and in employing innovative methods in research design and statistical analysis to answer these questions. Her PhD research capitalised on a longitudinal psychiatric epidemiological catchment area study in Montreal, Canada, to investigate associations between the level of tree cover in residential public open spaces and individual trajectories of wellbeing across a four-year period. Under the supervision of Dr Julie Bruneau at the University of Montreal, Stine is now working to build a new cohort of injecting drug users at risk of, or infected with, hepatitis C virus (HCV). This study will employ linkage to administrative databases as a means of 'virtual' follow-up in order to document the HCV cascade of care in this relatively hidden population.