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Reseach on clinical management of HCV and HBV
Epidemiology of HBV and its co-infection with HCV and/or HIV

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I am a medical doctor with a masters’ degree in Epidemiology and currently a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, School of Population and Public Health. Expertise in infectious diseases prevention and control especially in HIV, STIs and OBBI management, maternal and child health, Strategic & Operational Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, manuscript writing, Health projects management, and Capacity Building. I have extensive experience in clinical practice as well as the design, development, and implementation of health programming.  In my ten years of experience at the Rwanda Biomedical Center, I have led programs in HIV, STIs, Viral hepatitis, and cervical cancer prevention and control. I have led also different consultancy on development, review different policies related to HIV, STIs, and Viral hepatitis. During that time, I have numerous publications and presentations for international audiences, particularly in the area of Viral Hepatitis. I am also a reviewer of different journals and currently, I reviewed 8 articles for international journals.  My career goal is to prevent and control infectious diseases such as HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, HPV, etc. in a low limited resource setting through early screening, vaccinating, and treating.