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Dr. John Pezacki is a Senior Research Officer at the Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, NRC and has Adjunct professor appointments at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Chemistry and in the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology. Dr. Pezacki also has an adjunct appointment at Queens University in the department of Chemistry. He is also an associate member of the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology and is the Scientific Leader of a large multi-institute research program for the development of biosensor technologies at the NRC as part of a Genomics and Health Initiative. Dr. Pezacki's research is multidisciplinary and focuses on the development of new tools and methodologies for the visualization and interrogation of subcellular processes. Dr. Pezacki's main interest is the study of the molecular mechanisms of host-virus interactions for the hepatitis C virus (HCV). His experience in biological chemistry, chemical genomics/proteomics, and new technologies brings a unique expertise to the NCRTP-HepC. He has been involved in a number of collaborative projects with international partners including Professor Sunney Xie at Harvard on the application of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy to the visualization of host-virus interactions in model systems of HCV, and with Peter Schultz and co-workers at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation on the application of new screening tools (small molecule and siRNA based) to the investigation of host-virus interactions for HCV.