The CanHepC webinar series are open to the public and take place every other year.

September 2019 - March 2020 on Wednesdays according to the schedule below at 15.00 EST.

They will be available for download - simply click on the link. 

For more information and to register kindly contact Norma Choucha (norma.choucha@canhepc.ca). 


2019 - 2020

18 sep 2019


Norma Choucha, CanHepC


2 oct 2019

Grant Writing 101

Speaker: Christopher Richardson, Dalhousie University

Time:  15h00 ET

16 oct 2019

The new Blueprint for Hepatitis C and what it means

Speaker: Jordan Feld, University of Toronto

​​​​​​​Time:  15h00 ET

30 oct 2019

The PHAC STBBI Strategy

Speaker: Geneviève Tremblay, Public Health Agency of Canada, Government of Canada

Time:  15h00 ET

13 nov 2019

How to write a good research paper

Speaker: Naglaa Shoukry, Université de Montréal

Time:  15h00 ET

27 nov 2019

The role of bioinformatics in understanding HCV pathogenesis and implications for diagnosis and management of chronic liver disease

Speaker: Sonya MacParland, University of Toronto

Time:  15h00 ET

4 déc 2019

The development of drugs from start to finish in the pharmaceutical industry

Speaker:  George Kukolj, Janssen Infectious Disease

​​​​​​​Time:  15h00 ET

18 déc 2019

The role of biobanks and surveillance databases in guiding HCV elimination efforts

Speaker: Mel Krajden, University of British Columbia

Time:  15h00 ET

15 jan 2020

What is the impact of hepatitis C in first nations’ communities? Is treatment reaching these patients soon enough?

Speaker:  Alexandra King, University of Saskatchewan

Time:  15h00 ET

29 jan 2020

Case studies and ethical issues in the treatment of hepatitis C

Speaker: Eve Roberts, Dalhousie University

Time:  15h00 ET

12 fév 2020

Experience of a residential school survivor. Reconciliation towards better future.

Speaker: Carrielynn Lund, CAAN

Time:  15h00 ET

25 mar 2020

The new Canadian approach to HIV and STBBI: The implications for young investigators from a funder perspective

Speaker: Geneviève Boily-Larouche, CIHR

Time:  15h00 ET