Evaluating the hepatitis C landscape in Canada: a CanHepC special topic series

CanHepC is partnering with the Canadian Liver Journal to publish a special topic series of articles documenting the hepatitis C problem in Canada.

Last updated: January 3, 2019

The series, guest edited by Dr Naglaa Shoukry (CanHepC Principal-Investigator and Director), Dr Jordan Feld (CanHepC Co-Principal Investigator) and Dr Jason Grebely (CanHepC Investigator), aims to provide an up-to-date evaluation of the hepatitis C landscape in Canada while looking at the remaining key research questions and challenges to address. CanHepC member’s, including some of Canada’s top hepatitis C experts have been commissioned to write these articles which will be spread out over several issues of the Canadian Liver Journal (CanLivJ).

The series consists of mostly review articles and a couple of original research articles on a range of topics specific to the Canadian context providing updated estimates and projections of the epidemiology of the hepatitis C infection in Canada and modelling of the future burden of disease, addressing HCV in key populations such as Indigenous, newcomers, people who use drugs and pediatric populations, challenges regarding treatment delivery and the cascade of care including optimal testing strategies, remaining clinical challenges and the role of DAA treatment in reversing liver damage and immune dysfunction, and the role of community in achieving HCV elimination. Finally, a research framework for a national action plan based on the WHO framework will also be proposed.

With this series, we hope to give an accurate portrait of the hepatitis C situation in Canada and provide the background framework to inform the establishment of a national hepatitis action plan to reach the World Health Organization hepatitis elimination targets by 2030.

All article are open access and are added to this page as they become available.


Original research

Review articles