Name Institution Role within CanHepC Domaine de recherche
Lamarre, Alain * INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Co-Investigator
Wong , Alexander* University of Saskatchewan Co-Investigator
King, Alexandra * Simon Fraser University Co-Investigator
Mason, Andrew L * University of Alberta Co-Investigator
Crawley, Angela * Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Co-Investigator
Howe, Anita Centre For Excellence in HIV/AIDS Co-Investigator
Sander, Beate * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Conway*, Brian * Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre Co-Investigator
Coffin, Carla * University of Calgary Co-Investigator
Greenway, Christina * McGill University Co-Investigator
Cooper, Curtis * University of Ottawa Co-Investigator
Smyth, Daniel * Dalhousie University Co-Investigator
Jutras-Aswad, Didier * Université de Montréal Co-Investigator
Yoshida, Eric * University of British Columbia Co-Investigator
Roberts, Eve * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Alvarez, Fernando * CHU Sainte-Justine Co-Investigator
Mugford, Gerry * Memorial University of Newfoundland Co-Investigator
Sebastiani, Giada McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)/Royal Victoria Hospital Co-Investigator
Macphail, Gisela CUPS Liver Clinic, University of Calgary Co-Investigator
Soudeyns, Hugo * Hôpital Sainte-Justine Co-Investigator
McGilvray, Ian * Toronto General Hospital Co-Investigator
Grebely, Jason * University of New South Wales Co-Investigator
Kwong, Jeff * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Flemming, Jennifer * Queen's University Co-Investigator
Grimshaw, Jeremy* University of Ottawa Co-Investigator
Pezacki, John Paul * University of Ottawa Co-Investigator
Wilson, Joyce * University of Saskatchewan Co-Investigator
Presseau*, Justin Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Co-Investigator
Lin, Liang-Tzung Taipei Medical University Co-Investigator
Barrett, Lisa * NSHA/Dalhousie University Co-Investigator
Tyrrell, Lorne * University of Alberta Co-Investigator
Bilodeau, Marc * Centre de recherche du CHUM Co-Investigator
Vachon, Marie-Louise * Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval (CHUL) Co-Investigator
Klein, Marina * McGill University Co-Investigator
Ostrowski, Mario * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Tyndall, Mark * B.C. Centre for Disease Control Co-Investigator
Houghton, Michael * University of Alberta Co-Investigator
Alary, Michel * Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec Co-Investigator
Krahn, Murray * Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment Collaborative Co-Investigator
Kronfli, Nadine * McGill University Co-Investigator
Janjua, Naveed Zafar * University of British Columbia Co-Investigator
Selzner, Nazia * Toronto General Hospital Co-Investigator
Kneteman, Norman * University of Alberta Co-Investigator
Russell, Rod * Memorial University Co-Investigator
Thein, Rosie * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Lee, Samuel * University of Calgary Co-Investigator
Sagan, Selena * McGill University Co-Investigator
Lee, Seung-Hwan * University of Ottawa Co-Investigator
Ling, Simon C * University of Toronto Co-Investigator
MacParland*, Sonya University of Toronto Co-Investigator
Kerr, Thomas * University of British Columbia Co-Investigator
Michalak, Thomas * Memorial University of Newfoundland Co-Investigator
Patel*, Trushar University of Lethbridge Co-Investigator
Martel-Laferrière, Valérie * Centre de recherche du CHUM Co-Investigator
Wobeser, Wendy * Queen's University Co-Investigator
Wong, William * University of Toronto Co-Investigator