World Hepatitis Day 2019

Sunday 28 July marked World Hepatitis Day, a global health awareness day on viral hepatitis. As in previous years, CanHepC trainees, members and collaborators were involved in a number of hepatitis C educational and awareness events.

The trainees volunteered in several events around the country. In Montreal, they were involved in a workshop organised by CACTUS on nutrition for the liver aiming to educate about the different types of hepatitis and their respective treatments. They also participated in another event organised by CAPAHC helping with the data collection and survey completion for a micro-elimination study in the Pakistani community.

In Edmonton, trainees organised outreach and awareness activities where they distributed pens and educational flyers about hepatitis C. Their campaign featured in the CTV Edmonton news. Follow our trainees on Twitter @CanHepCtrainee for more interesting news!

World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the need to ramp up national and international efforts to eliminate hepatitis C. With the recent release of the Blueprint to inform hepatitis C elimination efforts in Canada, the CanHepC network has publicly asked for a co-ordinated public health approach based on concrete actions in prevention, testing, and treatment with ongoing surveillance of the infection:

Again this year, we would like to thank all of those who have participated in World Hepatitis Day events across the country raising awareness for hepatitis C.