CanHepC invited to a Parliamentary Breakfast with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott

Parliamentary Breakfast attendees with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott

CanHepC was part of the organisations represented at a Parliament breakfast with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott which took place on June 16th 2016 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Amongst others from the CanHepC Network, Naglaa Shoukry, Jordan Feld and Julie Bruneau were present on behalf of CanHepC to this event organised by the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) to launch World Hepatitis Day. Jordan Feld gave a 5 minutes presentation affirming our support to Canada’s commitment to Hepatitis C and the development of a National Action Plan. In her presentation, the Health Minister acknowledged the funding for our network, the importance of research and re-affirmed Canada’s commitment to the WHO elimination targets for Hepatitis by 2030.

Please find below the french and English press release.

News release June 16 FR
News release June 16 EN