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Welcome to CanHepC's new website

The CanHepC website has got a complete overhaul and the logo has also been re-designed.

The new website has a fresher look with a better structured navigation so information about our Network and our activities is easily accessible by our members, our partners and members of the public...

CanHepC staff and trainees in support of NOhep and WHD

World Hepatitis Day

Thursday 28 July 2016 marks World Hepatitis Day and on this occasion CanHepC would like to show their support to the NOHep campaign and the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

While World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to raise awareness to viral hepatitis, the NOHep movement aims...

Infography Elimination Hepatitis C in Canada

Supporting Canada's commitment to Hepatitis C

In support of this year's World Hepatitis Day theme ELIMINATION, the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C along with other partners are calling on the Canadian Federal government, Provinces and Territories to work together to develop a National Action Plan for the elimination of Hepatitis C in...

Parliamentary Breakfast attendees with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott

CanHepC invited to a Parliamentary Breakfast with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott

CanHepC was part of the organisations represented at a Parliament breakfast with Health Minister Dr Jane Philpott which took place on June 16th 2016 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Amongst others from the CanHepC Network, Naglaa Shoukry, Jordan Feld and Julie Bruneau were present on...

Photo of a syringe

New international recommendations for the management of hepatitis c among people who inject drugs

Health professionals, community groups, academics and policy makers can now access latest, evidence-based recommendations on the management of hepatitis c among people who inject drugs.

Released as part of a Special Issue on Expanding Access to Prevention, Care and Treatment for...