World Hepatitis Day

CanHepC staff and trainees in support of NOhep and WHD

Thursday 28 July 2016 marks World Hepatitis Day and on this occasion CanHepC would like to show their support to the NOHep campaign and the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

While World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to raise awareness to viral hepatitis, the NOHep movement aims at uniting our voices to push forward the elimination of the disease. People all around the world have taken part in the movement including CanHepC members which have been active in drawing attention to the issue of hepatitis C in Canada. 

CanHepC Trainees have made this very cool short Q&A video on how well do you know hepatitis C. Please watch and share!

In addition, many of our researchers and members have been doing their part in raising awareness and discussing hepatitis C in the Canadian media - here are some links: