CATIE webinar on DAA reimbursement restrictions in Canada


CanHepC is participating in a webinar organised by CATIE on the strategies to address reimbursement restrictions for Hepatitis C in Canada

In collaboration with CanHepC, CTAC and the Kirby Institute in Australia, CATIE is organising a webinar looking at strategies to address Canada’s current restrictive and inconsistent approach to direct-acting antiviral (DAA) access.

This webinar was initiated following the publication of the CanHepC’s review on access to new direct-acting antivirals (DAA) for the treatment of Hepatitis C in Canada lead by Alison Marshall which exposed considerable reimbursement heterogeneity by province-territory and limitations to DAA access based on fibrosis stage and other criteria such as HIV coinfection.

The webinar will discuss the Australian model, which allows all people access to hepatitis C treatment, including people who inject drugs and people in prison.  This webinar will examine what social and environmental factors led to this model and what policy-makers, service providers and community activists in Canada can learn from the Australian experience.

Presenters include Alison Marshall and Greg Dore of Australia’s The Kirby Institute and Helen Tyrell of Hepatitis Australia. Participating discussants are Adam Cook of CTAC and Action Hepatitis Canada and Community Organizer Zoe Dodd.

The webinar will took place on February 6th, 3:00 p.m. ET. For those who are interested in watching the recording of the webinar or downloading the PDF of the PowerPoint slides, please click here.