CanHepC webinar: informing HCV Elimination Efforts in Canada


Webinar: Engaging and informing HCV Elimination Efforts in Canada: Blueprint for HCV National Action Plan 

Friday, May 4, 2018, 12 noon EST
SLIDES (pdf)

The Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC) is leading a joint effort reuniting expertise within its Network of researchers, clinicians, community organizations, and healthcare providers in the development of a consensus blueprint that reflects cross-sector priorities, recommendations and perspectives to inform hepatitis C elimination efforts in Canada.

The main objective of this webinar is to broadly inform people working in hepatitis C and get participant’s feedback on the rationale, development process and overall goal of this blue print. This hour-long webinar features:

  • A presentation given by Dr Jordan Feld, hepatologist at the Toronto General Hospital, leading the effort on behalf of the CanHepC.
  • A question/comment and discussion period where participants will be free to share their feedback.

The French-language version of this webinar was presented by Dr Marina Klein, Professor of Medicine at the McGill University Health Centre on Wednesday May 9, 2018 at 11am EST

Partner organisations in this concerted effort: