CanHepC - TRR179 Internship Exchange Program

CanHepC and the German TRR179 Network are offering the opportunity for one CanHepC trainee and one student from the German TRR179 Hepatitis Network to do a 2-6 months internship with one the of PIs affiliated to the other network.

Download the full announcement here.

TRR179 is a collaborative research center funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) consisting of 18 interdisciplinary research projects on three different partner sites in Germany (Heidelberg, Freiburg and Munich). The overall aim of the TRR179 is to identify the decisive virological and immunological mechanisms determining the outcome of hepatitis virus infection.

Important dates:

Application opens April 1st, 2017
Application deadline is July 1st, 2017

Who can apply?

  • Doctoral students (PhD and MD) funded by either CanHepC or TRR179
  • Postdoctoral students funded by either CanHepC or TRR179

What can be funded?

  • Research topic of the applicant must be linked to the respective research focus of PhD/postdoctoral project
  • Ideally, new methods, experimental setups, scientific experience will be gained by the exchange and transferred to the respective networks.

Duration of funding: 2 to 6 months

Value: CanHepC applicants will receive max. $7500 CAD and TRR179 students max. €5.000 EUR. These amounts will cover the following expenses:

  • Travel allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Other costs like e.g. visa costs, health insurance etc.

How to apply:

Application must be made online. Please visit the CanHepC’s fellowship page for details on how to apply. You will be asked to complete the online form providing all the necessary information (project title, objectives, qualifications, etc.) and to upload a certain number of documents. 

The complete list of CanHepC PIs able to mentor is available on the CanHepC website member’s page. The complete list of TRR179 PIs is available at the end of the announcement. Please note that you are responsible for making contact with your host PI and liaising with them regarding your application.

For any further information or if you have any specific questions please contact:

Norma Choucha, CanHepC Administrative Coordinator:
Steffi Schimang, TRR179 Network Coordinator: