CanHepC National Stakeholder Workshop “A Blueprint for a Hepatitis C National Action Plan"

CanHepC organised a one-day workshop gathering cross-Canadian stakeholders on June 13, 2018 to discuss progress with the HCV blueprint, present and revise the drafts from the working groups and get input and feedback on the objectives and targets identified. The workshop was attended by around 50 people from different sectors (community members, patients and front line organisations, researchers, clinicians, healthcare and government workers, and industry representatives) and took place in Toronto prior to the Global Hepatitis Summit (14-17 June, 2018). The day was divided in two parts with the morning session open to all, where the drafts section of the blueprint were presented for input from attendees. The blueprint Writing Committee convened in the afternoon session, to discuss the feedback received, work on the drafts section and plan the next steps.

You were unable to attend this workshop in person? Watch the AM session on YouTube --> we'd like to hear your feedback at 

Global Hepatitis Summit dedicated session

In addition, the draft blueprint and feedback received were presented and discussed further with international panel discussants that have led national HCV strategies elsewhere at a dedicated session on Public Health at the Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto on Friday 15 June, 2018 from 18.00 -19.30