CanHepC member’s only Annual Meeting 2018

CanHepC Annual Meeting group photo 2018, Toronto

The 3rd CanHepC Annual Meeting took place in Toronto on Thursday 8 February, 2018 gathering over 90 of our member investigators, knowledge users, collaborators, and trainees.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss progress within each of the ongoing CanHepC research cores projects, assess our scientific direction as a Network and establish priorities for the year to come. The meeting is also an opportunity for members to engage with each other in view of fostering collaborations.

Each Core (Basic Science, Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Policy and Knowledge translation) met separately during the breakout sessions to discuss progress and a workplan for 2018. Time for cross-core discussion was also set aside to ensure integration and collaboration between the different ongoing core projects.

This year, Marc Ouellette (Scientific director of the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity) gave an informative presentation of the future of CIHR Research Funding in Hepatitis C. Also, one of the 7th Canadian Symposium on HCV’s guest invited speakers, Dr Heiner Wedemeyer (Hannover Medical School), gave an interesting talk looking back at the huge progress made in understanding viral pathogenesis and how it is leading to the elimination of HCV chronic infection.

Several other subjects were also discussed including Network administrative and financial matters. Members also discussed plans to draft a consensus document that would a blueprint or road map for a national HCV elimination strategy.

Thank you to everyone present for making this day a great success!