The Blueprint to Inform a Hepatitis C Elimination Strategy is developed to inform policymakers, Ministry of Health and public health program staff and planners, and decision-makers to complement the Pan-Canadian STBBIs Framework for Action. The Blueprint will align the GSHH hepatitis C elimination targets and the Pan-Canadian STBBIs Framework for Action adding direction for hepatitis C specifically with specific goals, targets and actions for each of its four structural pillars: prevention, testing, initiation of care and treatment, and ongoing care and support

Design and development

The Blueprint is being developed in a consultative and inclusive process reuniting expertise within the CanHepC network and beyond. To oversee the work and provide key guidance and leadership on the design and development, a Blueprint Writing Committee has been put together comprising of researchers, community based organisations with wide representation including people with lived experience and affected populations, clinicians, healthcare workers and others. A consultant writer has been hired to collate, synthetises and draft the Blueprint under the stewardship of the Writing Committee.

The Blueprint Writing Committee has been separated in different working groups that align with the Pan-Canadian STBBIs Framework for Action’s four structural pillars spanning the continuum of care*: Prevention, Testing and diagnosis, Care and Treatment. The Priority Populations working group are mandated with providing population specific epidemiology, relevant issues, concerns and context as well as cross cutting recommendations and key principle targets to inform the Blueprint.

The other groups (Prevention, Testing, Care and Treatment) have been tasked with:

  • Providing background on the current situation in Canada
  • Identifying high level objectives in line WHO’s hepatitis C elimination targets and specific measurable targets for each of them
  • Creating indicators for measuring progress for each of these targets
  • Providing specific input and recommendations regarding the activities required to achieve them with supporting evidence when possible

Input provided by each of the working groups will serve as the backbone of the Blueprint which will be written by the consultant writer. Since CanHepC’s commitment to lead this Blueprint effort in February 2018, the Writing Committee and working groups have been meeting to discuss and plan the work on teleconferences taking place twice a month and in face-to-face meetings.

* Ongoing care and support is divided and integrated in the Prevention working group (harm reduction to prevent re-infection) and the Care and Treatment working group (ongoing management/support post cure).