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Dr. Louise Balfour is currently an Associate Professor with the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Ottawa. She has also worked as a Clinical Health Psychologist in the HIV clinic at The Ottawa Hospital since 1996.

Dr. Balfour obtained her Bachelors degree in Montreal at McGill University and her Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Concordia University.

Dr. Balfour currently holds several CIHR research grants and she has an active Psychological Behavioral Medicine Research Lab at The Ottawa Hospital.

Dr. Balfour’s program of clinical research aims to improve the lives of people living with HIV/HCV co-infection and focuses on: Increasing patients’ psychological readiness for starting medications and improving their medication adherence; helping patients cope with symptoms of depression and reducing HIV/HCV related stigma.

Dr Balfour is also currently conducting a novel CIHR and CTN funded multi-site RCT clinical trial to help HIV patients quit smoking cigarettes.

Dr Balfour has also worked on several international HIV collaborations with the goal of improving HIV treatment knowledge and adherence in Guyana, Colombia, and South Africa.