The CanHepC webinar series are open to the public and take place every other year.

They occur on Wednesdays according to the schedule below at 15.00 EST.

This year the Webinars will start in September 2019 and will end in March 2020.   They will be available for download - simply click on the link. 

For more information and to register kindly contact contact Norma Choucha (norma.choucha@canhepc.ca). 


2019 - 2020

18 sep 2019


Norma Choucha, CanHepC

Time: 15h00ET

16 oct 2019

The new Blueprint for Hepatitis C and what it means

Speaker: Jordan Feld

18 déc 2019

The role of biobanks and surveillance databases in guiding HCV elimination efforts

Speaker: Mel Krajden

15 jan 2020

What is the impact of hepatitis C in first nations’ communities? Is treatment reaching these patients soon enough?

Speaker:  Alexandra King

29 jan 2020

Case studies and ethical issues in the treatment of hepatitis C

Speaker: Eve Roberts