The CanHepC webinar series are open to the public and take place every other year.

They occur on Wednesdays according to the schedule below at 15.00 EST.

This year the Webinars will start in September 2017 and will end in May 2018.   They will be available for download - simply click on the link. 

For more information and to register kindly contact contact Norma Choucha (norma.choucha@canhepc.ca). 



13 sep 2017


Norma Choucha, CanHepC

Time: 15h00ET

4 oct 2017

Using Graphics to Communicate your Science


Thomas Fabre, PhD Trainee, Université de Montréal

Time: 15h00ET

Presentation slides

18 oct 2017

Dr. Michael Houghton, University of Alberta

Time: 15h00ET

Recording of presentation

8 nov 2017

Lecture on Indigenous Population

15 nov 2017

From in Vitro Replication Systems to HCV Antivirals

Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager, Heidelberg University

*****Time: 10h00 ET*****

Recording of presentation

22 nov 2017

How to Look for a Postdoctoral Position

Dr. Selena Sagan, McGill University

Time: 15h00ET

Recording of lecture

6 déc 2017

From Academia to Industry

Dr. Laurent Sabbagh, McGill University

Time: 15h00ET

Recoding of lecture

13 déc 2017

Biostatistics 101

Sahar Saeed, PhD trainee, McGill University

Carmine Rossi, Postdoctoral trainee, BCCDC

Time 15hET

Recording of Presentation

20 déc 2017

HCV in The Immigrant Populations

Dr. Christina Greenaway, McGill University

Time: 15h00

Recording of lecture

10 jan 2018

Nothing About Us Without Us – The Necessity of Engaging People with Lived Experience of HCV in all Areas of the HCV Response


Time: 15h00ET

Recoding of lecture

14 fév 2018

Drug Discovery Moving to Other Viruses

Dr. Raymond Schinasi, Emory University

15h ET

Recording of the presentation

21 fév 2018

Case Studies in Research Ethics

Dr. Eve Roberts, Dalhousie University

Recording of the presentation

7 mar 2018

How to look for funding

Dr. Rafick Sekaly, Case Western University

Time: 15hET

Recording of the presentation

4 avr 2018

Standing up for Science & Research/Advocacy in Science

Dr. Jim Woodgett, University of Toronto

Time: 15hET

Recording of the presentation

18 avr 2018

Communicating Science to the General Public

Dr. Joe Schwarcz, McGill University

Time: 15ET