Consultation is an integral part of the development process of the Blueprint. The goal is to have a consensual document that reflects cross-sector priorities, recommendations and perspectives. To ensure this, we have taken several steps to inform, engage and consult the broader hepatitis C community through webinars, and in person meetings.

February & March 2019 >> Consultation phase

CanHepC has announced it will hold two CONSULTATION WEBINARS on the first draft of the Blueprint in March 2019. 

Focused consultation with several key hepatitis C stakeholders will also take place as a way of getting further input on the Blueprint. 

June 2018 >> National Stakeholder Workshop “A Blueprint for a Hepatitis C National Action Plan"

On June 13th 2018, CanHepC held a one-day workshop gathering cross-Canadian stakeholders to discuss progress with the Blueprint, present the drafts from the working groups and get input and feedback on the objectives and targets identified so far. The workshop took place in Toronto prior to the Global Hepatitis Summit (14-17 June, 2018). The day was divided in two parts with the morning session open to all, where the drafts section of the Blueprint were presented for input from attendees. The Blueprint Writing Committee re-convened in the afternoon session, to discuss the feedback received, revise the drafts section accordingly and plan the next steps.

Around 50 people from different sectors attended the morning session including healthcare and government workers, patients and community organisations, researchers, clinicians, and industry representatives.

The morning session presentations and discussions were also recorded and made available on YouTube for those unable to attend in person.

Global Hepatitis Summit international session

The draft sections of the Blueprint and feedback received were also presented and discussed further with international panel discussants that have led national HCV strategies elsewhere at a dedicated open access session on Public Health at the Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto on Friday 15 June, 2018.

May 2018 >> Webinars to engage and inform on the process with the blueprint

In May 2018, CanHepC hosted two webinars, one in French by Dr Marina Klein and one in English by Dr Jordan Feld, to broadly inform people working in hepatitis C and get their feedback on the rationale, development process and overall goal of the Blueprint.  If you have missed them please click on the links below to stream the webinar recordings or download the slides (pdf).