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Sahar Saeed completed a bachelor degree with honors in Biochemistry from Carleton University in Ottawa. She continued her academic training in Human Genetics, where she obtained a Masters of Science at McGill University in 2007.

She began her career in clinical research as a study manager for the Canadian HIV-Hepatitis C Co-Infection Cohort based out of the Montreal Chest Institute. Later she was recruited as the project manager of the Immunodeficiency department of the McGill University Health Center. Since 2011, has co-founded, Clinical Research Solutions, a private clinical research consulting company based in Montreal.

Sahar has currently put everything in her life on hold while she embarks on a new challenge as she completes a PhD in Epidemiology at McGill University focusing on quasi-experimental methods to evaluate causal effects of the new Direct Antiviral Agents on HIV-Hepatitis C co-infected patients in a real-world setting.


Erin Strumpf (primary)

Marina Klein (secondary)