Postdoctoral Felow
University of Pennsylvania (U Penn)

Penn Institute for Immunology (IFI)

University of Pennsylvania

421 Curie Blvd, BRB II/III

Philadelphia, PA, 19131



I got my BS. Pharm. from Cairo University. Then I got my M.Sc. & Ph.D. at the Université de Montréal, in the lab of Dre. Naglaa Shoukry, where I studied the immune restoration of HCV-specific CD8 T cells during interferon treatment during chronic infection, as well as the correlates of protective immunity upon re-infection with HCV. The results we obtained from these studies have implications for the rational design of vaccines against HCV and other chronic viruses.

Currently I am studying re-programming of exhausted T cells upon antigen clearance during chronic viral infection. I am using HCV infection in humans in parallel with LCMV infection in mice as models. The definition of transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying reversal of T cell exhaustion represent hope for the design of novel immunotherapies against chronic viral infection and cancer.