Informing HCV Elimination Efforts in Canada: A Blueprint for a HCV National Action Plan 

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Development process: Towards a Blueprint for a HCV National Action Plan 

In February 2018, CanHepC announced their commitment to lead a joint effort reuniting expertise within its Network to develop a consensus Blueprint that reflects cross-sector priorities, recommendations and perspectives to inform hepatitis C elimination efforts in Canada. 

The aim of this document is to provide guidance on how to address HCV with specific and measurable objectives that are relevant to the Canadian context which policy makers, provincial and territorial governments can adapt to their own specific context. Using a combined approach, the Blueprint will be designed to complement the Pan Canadian STBBIs Framework stewarded by the Public Health Agency of Canada adding specific direction for HCV with goals, measurable targets and actions that align what is needed to achieve the World Health Organisation HCV elimination targets by 2030 in Canada.

A Blueprint Writing Committee uniting expertise within the CanHepC network and beyond has been put together with researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers and community organisations with wide representation including affected populations: >>Action Hepatitis Canada >>Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network >>Canadian Association of Hepatology Nurses >>Canadian Liver Foundation >>CATIE >>Prisoners HIV/AIDS Support Action Network >>South Riverdale Community Health Centre

The Blueprint Writing Committee has been separated in different working groups that align with the Pan Canadian STBBIs Framework’s four structural pillars spanning the continuum of care: prevention, testing, initiation of care and treatment, and ongoing care and support. Each group has been tasked with identifying targets and providing specific input and recommendations regarding the activities required to achieve them. In addition a priority populations working group will provide cross cutting recommendations and key principle targets. Input provided by each of the working group will serve as the backbone of this Blueprint document which will be written by an experienced policy writer. The work is pogressing and we are hoping to be able to launch a final document in the fall in concert with the release of the Pan Canadian STBBIs Framework.

Webinars to engage and inform on the process with the blueprint

In May 2018, CanHepC hosted two webinars (one in French by Dr Marina Klein and one in English by Dr Jordan Feld) to broadly inform people working in hepatitis C and get their feedback on the rationale, development process and overall goal of this blueprint. Please click on the links below to stream the webinar recordings or download the slides (pdf).

En français: Enregistrement: Webinaire - Engager et informer les efforts d'élimination du VHC au Canada | Téléchargez les diapos
In English: Recording: Webinar - Engaging and informing HCV Elimination Efforts in Canada | Download the slides

CanHepC National Stakeholder Workshop “A Blueprint for a Hepatitis C National Action Plan"

CanHepC just recently held a one-day workshop gathering cross-Canadian stakeholders on June 13, 2018 to discuss progress with the blueprint, present the drafts from the working groups and get input and feedback on the objectives and targets identified. The workshop took place in Toronto prior to the Global Hepatitis Summit (14-17 June, 2018). The day was divided in two parts with the morning session open to all, where the drafts section of the blueprint were presented for input from attendees. The blueprint Writing Committee re-convened in the afternoon session, to discuss the feedback received, work on the drafts section and plan the next steps.

Around 50 people from different sectors attended the morning session inlcuding healthcare and government workers, patients and community organisations, researchers, clinicians, and industry representatives. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who attended and provided such useful input and recommendations. 

You were unable to attend this workshop in person? Watch the AM session on YouTube --> we'd like to hear your feedback at 

Global Hepatitis Summit dedicated session

The draft blueprint and feedback received were presented and discussed further with international panel discussants that have led national HCV strategies elsewhere at a dedicated session on Public Health at the Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto on Friday 15 June, 2018 from 18.00 -19.30

Next Steps

The Writing Committee is currently revising the 4 drafts (Priority Populations, Prevention, Testing, and Care and Treatment) that will serve as the backbone of the Blueprint based on the feedback received at the June 13th National Stakeholder Workshop. The first consolidated draft of the Blueprint will be writen by our consultant writer during the course of the summer.

CanHepC will be hosting a couple of consultation webinars this fall (details TBC) to get broad feedback on the content of the first draft Blueprint and plans to focus engagement from key agencies. More details will be posted on this page as they become available. 

Contact us, we would like to hear from you.

If you have any questions, recommendations or would like to share some input please email Your voice is important to this process.